Spaced Teacher's Adventures In The Middle Cosmos

January 19, 2010

The Assignment

Spaced Teacher’s Adventures In The Middle Cosmos

This Lady is a ” Sister Of The Jardeen Rose”

The ” Sisters Of The Jardeen Rose ” are the sworn enemies of the HaNazees.

“The Assignment”

By Spacedteacher

I was already peeved when I arrived in Athens for my meeting with The High Commander. smile_angryWhat was so damn important that my vacation needed to be canceled with three weeks left? On top of that he kept me waiting for thirty minutes!! What a puushva!! Finally after the obligatory salutations and “Raising Of The Georgian Jale Of Cooperation” the meeting began. Georgia is very steeped in ritual. That can be a dangerous thing when you are already highly agitated at The High Commander’s stupidity. I needed to step lightly. Fortunately I was able to control myself. I just kept telling myself that he could make life very difficult for me so I better remain calm. Believe me as hard as it is to comprehend he could have sent me to a far worse place than where he eventually did. Praise Sheng Di!!!

My current job was as an Administrative Assistant to The High Commander. I was in charge of rather mundane matters such as getting potholes and street lights fixed, keeping the parks clean etc etc. It was a boring but not terribly demanding job. I could do it easily in my sleep. I was happy with my situation. I made reasonably good money and had plenty of time for my more recreational pursuits.

BUT NO!!! This Shinkra has taken it upon himself to advance MY career!! Who in the Hell asked him? Why can’t he just mind his own business? Over my strenuous objections I was being promoted!! I was to be the Attache of The Georgian Government to a Chinese University.  My primary responsibility was to teach the Chinese university students English and American culture. I also had cultural responsibilities such as attending plays,concerts,state dinners,art exhibits etc etc all in an official capacity!!

I felt CURSED!! smile_devilChina? Responsibility? WHY ME??

“The Adventures Of Spacedteacher In The Middle Cosmos { China }” are a collection of short stories based upon my actual experiences.They are written from the point of view of an American ” lao wai” { foreigner}. As is the case with all of humanity’s gardens there are flowers AND weeds.The Chinese garden is no different in that regard , they have flowers in the form of the Jardeen Roses and Jasmine and crabgrass in the form of the HaNazees. I try to weed the crabgrass while focusing on and accentuating the Jardeen Rose and Jasmine .
I have taken only the barest minimum of poetic license in an effort to make these stories more enjoyable to read for you. Trust me when I tell you it happened 99 % exactly as I tell it. All names have been fictionalized to protect the guilty from legal action be that civil or criminal and to protect the innocent from the guilty and most importantly to protect the author , yours truly , from the crabgrass in the Chinese garden. Those HaNazee can be vicious bastards!! lol
The HaNazee are well known for having an aversion to the spelling and grammar challenged among us. These guys are in the employ of the HaNazee.
All characters , plot lines , fictional places , and anything else even remotely associated with these stories is the intellectual property of Spacedteacher D.B.A. Bea Wildered Enterprises and may not be used without the express written consent of the aforementioned Spaced one or Bea herself.

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