Spaced Teacher's Adventures In The Middle Cosmos

January 21, 2010

Aunt Jemima Kidnapped

” The Great Sugar Assassin Conspiracy Of Sweetwater,Tx.”

She’s beautiful , charming , sexy and DEADLY!!

She’s a Sugar Assassin.

Breaking News!!Hot Off The Wires!!Breaking News!!

Chapter : I lost count

“Aunt Jemima Kidnapped”

Dear Citizens of WordPress :

It is with great sorrow and sadness in my heart that I must inform you of the kidnapping of the beloved American Icon Aunt Jemima. Details are sketchy at the moment. As more information surfaces I will keep you informed.I can tell you though that a Hershey’s Kiss was found at the the scene of the crime. That would seem to indicate that the insipid , vile , evil Havana Sugar Cartel or one of their affiliated groups was behind this crime.Rest assured citizenry The SAPS will get to the bottom of this. We will rescue the beloved Aunt Jemima and bring her home.

As always in these perilous times we urge you to be vigilant. Should you have any information regarding this heinous crime or view any suspicious activities please call The SAPS at our hot line number 1-800-THE-SAPS. You can also leave your tips in this forum as comments . Rest assured WordPress has a T.S.15. rating. It is a secure channel.

REMAIN phoneVIGILANT!!!camera The BASTARDS are everywhere.

Major Dee Mentia
Lead Investigator{T.G.S.A.C.S.T.}
SAP H.Q. — AREA 51{1-800-THE-SAPS}
Maple Sugar Country


By Spacedteacher

“The Great  Sugar Assassin Conspiracy Of Sweetwater Tx”
“The Satanic HaNazee Romance of Lotus ” Sweet Pie ” Chan And Lucy ” The Korean Rose ” Sanelli
” Spaced Teacher’s Adventures In The Land Of The Middle Cosmos”

” The Great Sugar Assassin Caper Of Sweetwater Texas” and all characters ,places,plot lines. mythology or anything else even remotely associated with it are the intellectual property of Spacedteacher D.B.A. Bea Wildered Enterprises and may not be used for any  purposes without the express written permission of Spacedteacher.

“The Great  Sugar Assassination Conspiracy Of Sweetwater Tx.” while obviously the victim of a great deal of literary license by the author is based on true events. This actually happened to a diabetic friend of mine. To the best of my knowledge he never did resolve the mystery. This was cause for great concern for him. The names have been fictionalized to insure the guilty from liability be that criminal or civil and to protect the author,ME against a Sugar Assassination attempt. That damn Havana Sugar Cartel is VICIOUS!!!!


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