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January 17, 2010

A Gangbong At The HaNazee Hideaway Lounge

”  The Satanic HaNazee Romance Of  Lotus ” Sweet Pie Chan” and  Lucy “The Korean Rose ” Sanelli”

Chapter : 3

“A Gangbong At The HaNazee Hideaway Lounge”


“N.H.N. # 4 Likes Pie Too”

Last evening was a very fun and interesting evening.I went down to The HaNazee Hideaway Lounge to watch the sweet

I wouldn't fight this Lady Law. Cuff me !! Cuff me !!

Satanic Femi-Fascist # 7 work and chew the fat with some of the locals that hang out there. I love to watch F.F. when she gets all authoritative and Policewoman!! She’s cute with those cuffs and baton. She’s also very sexy. Little did I know what was in store for me. Femi-Fasist # 7’s A.K.A. ” The Korean Rose” friend Lotus “Sweet Pie” Chan

I like pie.

A.K.A. “The Nubile Nazi # 4” A.K.A. “The Wavering Lesbian” to any man that is even remotely familiar with her was in town. She had come down to The HaNazee Hideaway Lounge to visit F.F. and have a little fun.”Sweet Pie” is a very sexy young woman with a great sense of humor and a strong proclivity for fun. “Sweet Pie” is also very intelligent. The moment she walked into the place it was like there were no other women. The guys were drawn to her like flies to honey. Part of this was because “Sweet Pie” is just so damn sexy but there was also something else at work here.”Sweet Pie” was a challenge!! And definitely NOT an easy one!! Every guy in the joint wanted to get “Sweet Pie” “on his team” if you catch my drift. Now “Sweet Pie” being a smart young woman knew this .Having a strong proclivity towards fun she intended to take full advantage of the situation.”Sweet Pie” was in her element and we were all going to be the beneficiaries of her erotic largesse.

After the drinks had been flowing for about an hour and “Sweet Pie” had entertained and rejected offers from every guy in the joint she was growing bored so she decided it was time to ratchet it up a notch.”Sweet Pie” climbed up onto the bar.Everybody in the place was rapt,even the women. I think the women were more interested in learning “Sweet Pie’s” tricks. Do I really have to tell you what the guys were interested in? LoL You could hear a pin drop! Everybody was wondering what was coming next. Then “Sweet Pie” did something NOBODY expected!! She spoke!!”How would you guys like to have fun doing something you’ve never done before”? “Sweet Pie” asked. Now these people are guys but they’re not stupid!! They realized that you don’t argue with a Diva. What “Sweet Pie” wants “Sweet Pie” gets. 200 guys scream out “Yes!!!!” “O.K. stay right here” “Sweet Pie” said.”I’ll be back in ten minutes.

F.F. knowing “Sweet Pie” well knew that something fun and exciting was going to happen although she wasn’t sure exactly what. F.F. had ten minutes to get prepared. She gave the command. The window shades were pulled down. The doors were locked. Lookouts were posted. The stage was prepped. The atmosphere was electric with excitement and anticipation!! The boys needed it!! The boys wanted it!! The boys were about to get it!! What exactly they were about to get was something entirely different than what they were anticipating!!

Ten minutes later out walked “Sweet Pie” wearing nothing but a string of pearls and a rather intoxicating smile. Thunderous applause!!! I tell you my friends I have traveled the world and I’ve never seen a dance quite like “Sweet Pie” did that night. In Argentina what she did with that bicycle would be illegal!!  “Sweet Pie” gyrated,shimmied,shook,teased and entertained 200 guys for an hour with little more than charm,a mischievous smile and an ocaisonal peek at her femininity to thunderous applause and a riotous good time.The joint was rockin’. The good times were rolling. Then in “Sweet Pie’s” own erotically chaotic style came the piece de resistance.
“Sweet Pie went backstage for a minute and re-emerged with a huge , thick , black , double ended strap -on


To riotous applause she strapped it on and proceeded to bong every guy in the joint. She lined them up and bonged them down like they were bowling pins. After a couple of hours of this there was “Sweet Pie” standing triumphantly with a mischievous grin on her face surveying her delightful damage and making notches on her bong. And there were two hundred very happy albeit a bit confused and definitely “chemically enhanced” young men staring back at “Sweet Pie” with a look that said “I’m not exactly sure what the Hell happened here or how she managed to pull this off but I damn sure enjoyed it.” They’ll never be the same. They have “Sweet Pie” to thank for that. LoL

Friends if you want to have a good time with fun people come on down to The HaNazee Hideaway Lounge. Tell Idaho Sally that Mystery Girl sent you and there will be a free beer in it for you. And who knows you may get lucky and catch “Sweet Pie” on one of her visits. Don’t worry though even if “Sweet Pie” isn’t there you will always see someone fun and interesting visiting. You just never know who may pop in or when. And if “Sweet Pie” should happen to be scouting new victims go ahead and take a shot. See if you can recruit her to “your team”. She won’t mind. You better be careful though you might end up being just another notch on “Sweet Pie’s” bong. It’s your choice. Have fun.

Yee haw !!!

“Lotus “SweetPie” Chan’s and Lucy ” The Korean Rose” Sanelli’s Satanic Romance” A.K.A. Nubile HaNazi # 4’s and Femi-Fascist # 7’s Satanic Romance” and all characters,plotlines,places and mythology even REMOTLEY associated with it are the intellectual property of Spacedteacher DBA Bea Wildered Enterprises / Mystery Girl Enterprises and may not be used for any purpose whatsoever without the express written consent of Spaced Teacher / Mystery Girl
As usual all names have been changed to insure the guilty from any and all liabilities be they criminal or civil.

The characters of Lotus ” Sweet Pie” Chan and Lucy ” The Korean Rose ” Sanelli are ENTIRELY fictional and not based upon ANYONE associated in any way with ANY social networking service. If they tell me to stop writing this story I will do as I always do when their voices in my head speak to me. I will ignore them TOTALLY and COMPLETELY!!! Life is safer when you do NOT listen to HaNazis no matter how nubile they might be or to Femi-Fascists no matter how well they dress even if their voices are ONLY in your imagination.


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