Spaced Teacher's Adventures In The Middle Cosmos

January 1, 2010

The Russians Are Coming !! The Russians Are Coming !! { To Easter Dinner }

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Spacedteacher’s Adventures In The Middle Cosmos

Jardeen Rose

This Lady is a ” Sister Of The Jardeen Rose “

The ” Sisters Of The Jardeen Rose ” are the sworn enemies of the HaNazees.

The Russians Are Coming!! The Russians Are Coming!! { To Easter Dinner}

This past Easter I had a rather profound religious experience here in Qiqihar. The Russian Orthodox Lady teachers at my university invited me to join them for Easter dinner. They took me to a very nice restaurant in downtown Qiqihar. The  restaurant they chose  was a bit of an upscale establishment. The ambience and food was wonderful. The service was excellent. Still there was something amiss. I noticed it immediately.Why all the Crescent Moon decorations? Why were the menus written in Arabic? Why were the waiters wearing those Islamic skull caps ? Why were the walls adorned with paintings of Mosques , minarets and Middle Eastern landscapes? Apparently the ladies did

Let’s just say that Easter dinner in a Muslim restaurant was an interesting experience. LoL It was such delicious irony. The dessert of this irony was that it was apparently totally lost on the Russian ladies.

I love Russian women.

GOD bless Mother Russia!!!

“The Adventures Of Spacedteacher In The Middle Cosmos { China }” are a collection of short stories based upon my actual experiences.They are written from the point of view of an American ” lao wai” { foreigner}. As is the case with all of humanity’s gardens there are flowers AND weeds.The Chinese garden is no different in that regard , they have flowers in the form of the Jardeen Roses and Jasmine and crabgrass in the form of the HaNazees. I try to weed the crabgrass while focusing on and accentuating the Jardeen Rose and Jasmine .

I have taken only the barest minimum of poetic license in an effort to make these stories more enjoyable to read for you. Trust me when I tell you it happened 99 % exactly as I tell it. All names have been fictionalized to protect the guilty from legal action be that civil or criminal and to protect the innocent from the guilty and most importantly to protect the author , yours truly , from the crabgrass in the Chinese garden. Those HaNazee can be vicious bastards!! lol

The HaNazee are well known for having an aversion to the spelling and grammar challenged among us. These guys are in the employ of the HaNazee.

All characters , plot lines , fictional places , and anything else even remotely associated with these stories is the intellectual property of Spacedteacher D.B.A. Bea Wildered Enterprises and may not be used without the express written consent of the aforementioned Spaced one or Bea herself.


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